Climate Change Negotiations Game

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World Climate
Climate Change Negotiations Game

UN기후변화협상게임의 본래 이름은 World Climate Simulation Game입니다.
워싱턴에 본사를 두고 있는 비영리기관 Climate Interactive Initiative에서 개발했습니다.
MIT의 존 스터만 교수, 피터 센게 교수 등 시스템 다이내믹스 연구진을 중심으로 다양한 국제 기관이 협업하고 있으며 미국 에너지 환경 분야에서 2017년 우수 기관으로 선정되기로 하였습니다.

시뮬레이션을 기반으로 한 게임 프로그램을 통해 인간의 선택에 따른 다양한 지구의 미래 시나리오 결과를 즉시 확인할 수 있습니다. 이런 과정에서 학습이 일어나고 행동의 변화를 유도합니다.본 프로그램은 우리나라에 2016년부터 소개되어 성인을 대상으로 한 협상 교육 및 에너지 교육 프로그램, 초등학교 창체 프로그램, 중학교 자유학기제 프로그램, 고등학교 환경 교육에 활용되고 있습니다.

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he World Climate Simulation is a role playing exercise of the UN climate change negotiations for groups. It is unique in that it uses an interactive computer model to rapidly analyze the results of the mock-negotiations during the event. All the materials and tools for World Climate are available for free and many are available in multiple languages. We encourage you to organize a World Climate Simulation yourself.

You can use the World Climate Simulation to build climate change awareness and enable people to experience some of the dynamics that emerge in the UN climate negotiations. The exercise is framed by current climate change science, using the interactive C-ROADS computer simulation which allows participants to find out how their proposed policies impact the global climate system in real-time.

How Does World Climate Work?
World Climate is a simplified international climate change negotiations meeting for large groups, typically 8-50 people (although it has been adapted for use in groups as large as 500). A facilitator leads the group, playing the role of a UN leader, while each participant plays the role of a delegate representing a specific nation, negotiating bloc, or, in some cases, an interest group. Everyone then works together in their respective roles to reach a global agreement that successfully keeps climate change well below 2˚C over preindustrial levels globally.

Simulation events vary in length, but most run 2-3 hours. Condensed versions have been run in as short as 45 minutes.

During the event participants must face the climate science, engage in the drama and tensions of global politics, test their ambitions against a climate-modeling tool used by actual climate negotiators, and then reflect on how the experience challenges their assumptions about climate action.

World Climate is suitable for, and has been used with, people from middle school to graduate school students, community and religious groups, executive leaders, scientists, and everyone in between.